Friday, September 4, 2009

Pocket Pool -OR- Pure Obfuscation

Who's coming up with this shit? More importantly, why isn't it recognized as the pure, unadulterated shit that it is?

Where is the shit-cutting scalpel? The game is afoot. What is the goal of the game?
Health care for all? If that were the case, winning would be simple, so what's the goal of the game? More importantly, who is playing?

It's clear that we, the people, are ancillary to the game. So what are the teams playing to defend against? The most obvious answer is simplicity. There is anecdotal evidence everywhere that the present "system"'s complexity is being milked, bilked and worked providing excellent "earnings" for the milking and bilking providers while diminishing expectations for their captive herd.

Gaps in coverage? Treatment delayed, canceled, shuttled over to more lucrative check-out lanes? 1000 people @ $35K per year PLUS sweet-ass health coverage, matching 401K, office building, phone, fax, computers, files and files and files and files to determine whether your particular disease dovetails with the latest revision of coverage generated by one of the company's other buildings, this one full of lawyers @ $150K per year + their 1000 people, phones, faxes, copiers, computers so that the annual meeting of the major stockholders can announce that they "beat the street" on the annual divedend.

But UNIVERSAL Health Care is E-vil? That's just sick.

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