Wednesday, September 2, 2009

gag me -OR- Tempus Fuggit yet again.

Okay, you know how some bloggers put song lyrics to pictures? Sometimes truly brilliant shit. I agree. With millions of lyrics to choose from and Google Images a click away, the possibilities are endless.

So what's the problem? Evidently it's my attention span. Either that or the fact that my typically bulletproof internet connection is cycling on and off like an "Eat at OE'S sign. Since I have only the best visitors and so many other bloggers do this pictures to lyrics thing better than me. (is there a template?) I'm taking the slacker way out. Here's the lyrics. The pictures were to be various Faux Noise screenshots. Let your imagination do my work for me.

SOMETHING FAMILIAR, (insert scowling Bill O here)
SOMETHING PECULIAR, (insert Ga-ga Beck here)
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE -- (insert flock of sheep)
A COMEDY TONIGHT! (Faux Noise Logo)

SOMETHING APPEALING, (insert generic blow-dried field reporter)
SOMETHING APPALLING, (pick one, Coulter, Malkin, Cheney, Hannity)
SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE -- (revisit flock of sheep)
A COMEDY TONIGHT! (The nightly line-up)

NOTHING WITH KINGS, (Murdoch, Aiyles)
NOTHING WITH CROWNS, (Shep Smith's teeth)
BRING ON THE LOVERS, (Chris Wallace fawning)
LIARS AND CLOWNS! ( 9 heads in a box shot with Geraldo as the center square)

OLD SITUATIONS, (tough choice here, demonizing lib-ur-als)
NEW COMPLICATIONS, (that is how they see the "change", just a complication)
NOTHING PORTENTOUS OR POLITE: ( see how easy this is?)
TRAGEDY TOMORROW, (If it bleeds it leads, doubly so if it embarrasses Dems)
COMEDY TONIGHT! (Faux Noise Logo)

It gets really interesting when you get to the "Nothing with God; Nothing with Fate" verse, doesn't it? Yeah, you're on a roll, keep it going.

Hey! You don't think Roger Aiyles selected his line-up with THIS song in mind?
Wow, what a visionary.

Thank you for making my job here easier. I don't want to you to think I'm lazy by nature. Even if that's true... I wouldn't want you thinking that.

I have a draft folder brimming with unfinished diamonds. Presently at the rough cut stage. One of them concerns TIME, which is the single most life affecting element. So much so that it is routinely ignored in order to maintain sanity. Finding time is elusive, getting time is precious, using time is a constant conundrum and saving time is either a bonus or an illusion. WASTING time is a prerogative and/or a curse.
Having time is a luxury.

I don't lack the will to finish, just the connected time to do them justice.
Many of the topical ones have aged out of relevance. It's a good thing that this time loop treadmill we seem to be on will bring them back to freshness in time.

Do I still have Time-outs left? There's the biggest problem. If we could just call one and implement some well-honed, polished ideas without all the NOISE and collusion and chaos that's injected with malicious selfishness by those whose sole purpose is to preserve the churn in our lives....

Is it ironic that deliberate, broken down, is to remove liberty? Or just a sad truth?

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