Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Is THIS voice in the National Debates -OR- Not on OUR network! Getcher OWN.

On National Health. In essence the industry is against a "Public Option" because;
"We are so insufficient, and costly that we can't compete with a public system on a level playing field"

The U-tube is just a teaser. Watch Chomsky for a full hour on "Crisis and Hope". You will be smarter for doing so. It won't completely undo the damages inflicted by MSM dominance of their narrowly defined "critical issues" (i.e. Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, Malia's birthday, the latest scathing scandal)but it's a start.

Crisis and Hope; Theirs and Ours from Democracy Now

Why? Within Ten Thousand Eighty Minutes a week TIMES 3 cable "NEWS" networks plus 1000s of hours of broadcast news division and weekly round-up showgrams there is no room for voices that expose the shilling in progress?

Demoting OUR crisis, promoting their dovetailed agenda? And they eulogized Billy Mays as the ultimate pitch-man? Sorry folks, you're being had each and every time you turn on the tv and expect to LEARN anything.

Perhaps saddest of all is that in order to attempt to have any hope of cracking the line-up on anything passing for news, it has to be center-cut, fat and juicy for a panel of blowholes to dissect ad nauseum with alliteration, file footage and first-rate graphics.

When considering our present state and challenges, Chomsky cautions "We might, incidentally, remember that when the British landed in what’s now Bangladesh, they were stunned by its wealth and splendor. And it didn’t take very long for it to be on its way to become the very symbol of misery, not by an act of God."

We are royally and truly phooked until either "our" media reports "our" predicament honestly or we use the channel blocker to eliminate their influence on unsuspecting pilgrims looking for enlightenment.

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