Monday, July 6, 2009

Tums ta da DUMB -OR- Indigestible Strewn Bits

Gonna fish or cut bait?

As Richard Dreyfus learned in Jaws, chumming is a matter of perspective.
While you may think you are laying out bait for your prey, your prey may have other points of view on the topic. At some point what you think you're doing can turn out to be something else entirely.

I know I have an ability to stay on task, that might explain my inability to watch what are passing for news/information broadcasts without discomfort. The words I'm hearing and the images I'm seeing do not mesh well. The most painful experiences result from being told what it is I am looking at when it's clearly not that at all.

Who let these shills, hucksters and blasphemers into the studios? How do they get away with their act without being booed off the stage? Oh yeah, no live audience.
I didn't bother watching "Capricorn One". The premise was too far-fetched. Or was it?

Can the media manipulate words and images? Would the media manipulate words and images? The truth is that they don't have to. All they have to do is air a near constant stream of words and images and they will be blurred and manipulated by the viewers for them.

"If we're covering it, it is important. If it's not covered? It's not important. If we're still covering it days, weeks, months later, it's not because we have hours and hours of images at our disposal and a stable of pundits who can milk an image until it becomes a indelible memory, it must be because it's really, really important."

Screw it, I'm going fishing.

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