Friday, June 26, 2009

Waiting for Video Replay Review -OR- Out of Order? You Saying I'm OUT OF ORDER?!?

See if you can spot the Opposite Worlders...

I've watched the video several times. Okay, at least a dozen.
"Appropriations and budgets are two completely different mechanisms."
An appropriation of $36 MILLION which reflects 20% MORE spending than a $30 Million budget is how EVERYBODY does this stuff. Just in case...

There is a 30 second question asking why. so. much? "Well, you see it's a ministerial mechanism to authorize the ABILITY to spend up to $36 Million without having to go back and amend the ordinances." Doesn't mean we WANT to spend $36 million or that we WILL spend the whole $36 million, just that we could.
This just lets us do it without calling attention to the fact that we're doing it because it was pre-authorized. It would still require a majority council vote to actually SPEND the money.

At the 5:20 mark, the motion is made and seconded to table the appropriations ordinance to allow staff to adjust the cushion down to between 2 and 5%. At 6:00 you can hear the mayor's snarky NO. At 6:10 the motion to table is carried by a 3-2 vote and the mayor offers just a couple of things about preparedness and grandstanding. 45 seconds into the scolding, a point of order is raised that the discussion had been tabled and that the mayor's grandstanding is out of order. The point is ruled out of order by the chair. Let the grandstanding continue.

Keep in mind that the motion to table that passed included direction to adjust the cushion to between 2 and 5%. Then at the 9:20 mark Commish Curry decides that he'd like the cushion to be ANYWHERE between 10 and 20%.

See where this will end up? This is how you go from small town charm to big city access. Those who believe that $6 million that could be spent will not be all or in part spent regardless of fiscal realities also believe that a Nigerian prince is willing to make them millionaires in exchange for some insignificant personal data. They'll think the check's in the mail, they can fix it in editing, that conservatives are fiscally responsible and morally pure.

I really can't express what a arrogant pissant is our MATC.

This shit makes me nostalgic for the old school scandal when da mayor was gassing up for free at the village pump.


Anonymous said...

Did Da Mayor really gas up at the pump

Rehctaw said...

Maybe that's what the glorified FOIAs were trying to determine?

Anonymous said...

No shit

Anonymous said...

Is this some type of rhetorical jibberish?

Rehctaw said...

Nothing that your comment didn't eclipse.

Most certainly.

Thanks for stopping by Mayor C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rehctaw have you considered changing your name to WallyWorld since you act like a clown your name should be respresentative of your true character

Rehctaw said...

See folks? This is what passes for wit where I live.

Half right?

You may be interested to know that since posting here on local issues, the code enforcement patrol and our police farce have been more visible in the neighborhood.

Coincidence? Oh hell no. Anytime I raise my head/voice, I attract the reminders of who controls the POWER.

Anonymous said...

Hey rickshaw rabbit is your back getting sore.

What a goof