Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Physical Manifestations of Opposite World -OR- I've Thrown Up a Little Bit in My Mouth So Many Times the Acids Have Eaten My Uvula

I realize that my musings lately have been lacking in backround and linkage. My information intake portal has been overwhelmed with so much conflicting information that I've found it impossible to focus on one particular item that encapsulates my bewilderment. By bad analogy to a bad movie, I am Kevin Costner- The mutant Mariner in Waterworld. I KNOW where dry land is. It's beneath us all. Buried beneath manufactured crisis, faux outrage indignant umbrage, partisan power politics that is indistiguishable from carny barkers and sideshow shills. But at least the festering bloodlust, that was demanding accountability for the grotesque excesses, riggings, takings and gross mismanagement has subsided. Still, we are afloat. At sea, but at least not underwater, yet.

It's a really good thing there are no pressing issues facing the planet, this country, your town, my town and the public squares. Otherwise the inability to triage, sort, focus, distill, comprehend and quantify the sheer volume of information being flung toward our receptors might be distracting.

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