Sunday, June 21, 2009

,357... .358? Whatever It Takes -OR- Let's Stand It On Its Head

I can't be the only one taken slightly aback by this newfound Iranian lovefest that is gurgling forth from the Wingnut fountain. They now see themselves reflected in the protesters? Really? It's that easy to embrace that which they've so stridently preached against in their own country? Without noticing the shallowness and hypocrisy of the transparent co-opting?

They do this in-stride, with a straight face? Ignoring their record, unwavering blow-holiness and uncontested ownership of the hard-line approach? Wow! They get air-time, front-page column inches, magazine covers to congratulate themselves for yet another job well-done?

How does this happen? How do they get away with it? largely unchallenged? Haven't they run out of mulligans yet?

When will we finally recognize the classic sociopath behaviors and bannish these Opposite Worlders from the sport? This eliminationist, dominionist expedience in party crashing to squat/piss all over the pile to mark it as the natural outcome of superiority of their transmorgifying leadership must stop. It wastes our time and annoys the pigs.

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