Monday, June 1, 2009

Ohhh! It's a MONEY Trick -OR- The Final Redefining Principles

For my next trick I will need a volunteer.

A lifetime ago my older brother and I played a silly little game. When the Christmas catalog arrived we would flop to the floor, open up to the toy section and frantically point to items on the page calling dibs on them. Mine, mine, MINE! The game evolved over time, but remained an annual rite.

I was crushed when my brother outgrew the game. Being two years my senior, it seemed to me, that he got to enjoy it longer than me. He was always ahead of me. Damn!

It was a conjured game. Nobody taught us. There was no devastation when Christmas arrived and all of our treasures weren't delivered. IT FILLED TIME. It fostered dreams. It didn't unhinge our grasp of reality. We were indulged children of the fifties. We had a life filled with our needs being exceeded and our wants being balanced. It was a target rich environment.

Through the years, "MINE" has evolved too. I'm not very materialistic. Simple needs; simple wants. I'm not easily crushed or disappointed. I've settled. I've turned the corner. I want less not more and boy, am I getting it.
This clearly is NOT my world... well, at least, my ilk is not its master.

This is Willie Sutton's world ... legalized. Wherever money pools, you'll find a million Willie Suttons angling for the bigger slice. Moving it from the "theirs" category to the "MINE!".

These 21st Century Miners are a resourceful lot. Developing or adapting wondrous mechanizations to fill their wheelbarrows. The currently favored apparatus resembles this:

OURS is incompatible terminology. Not yet illegal, but certainly redefined beyond the traditionally held meaning. It's not OURS until any substance of value has been removed. Wrung out and recategorized. Merged and acquired.

When the miners are finished, there's only the shaft.

It shall be as the Prophet Kris wrote and the preacher Janis sang;
"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."

Today's miners. Spreading Freedom!


Suzan said...

Only when the debts incurred by the fiscal rapists must be paid.

It's not OURS until any substance of value has been removed. Wrung out and recategorized. Merged and acquired.

Rehctaw said...

Not buying Suzan.

You can't tell me in one breath that 5% of taxpayers pay 99% of taxes, then in the next tell me what an onerous thing our debts are.

Those with the most to lose are entitled to pay 99% of the bill.
Apportion my portion and send me a bill.

So let them rearrange the debt chairs and let the band play Dixie.
When they've hoarded all the wealth, we'll still be here with access to anything we really need.
We will adapt. We will survive.

They think the army will defend them? except the army's 99% non-wannabes who'll be on our side.

If you change your behaviors because they say it's bad out there, then you've accepted the money trick.

Larue said...

Look, hoss, when ya lose jobs, housing, income, medical coverage and yer out on the streets with a wife or husband and children, it IS bad out there.

When you lose a job, and you and your family can't pay your bills, debts and such, it IS bad.

When the whole system is gamed top to bottom, and the new change is NOT entirely focused on CREATING jobs for the masses, it IS bad.

The fix is in, the game is rigged and the 1% ARE making it all worse for the masses.

For 90% of the masses there IS no coping or dealing with shit before the BAD gets to them in terms of housing, food, illness, etc.

It's a gentle genocide of the middle class.

And NO amount of survivor mentality can save the 90% of the masses from what's going down.

I just don't see the urban and suburban folks losing jobs, housing and means of survival adapting so well to the BAD. I'm not sure how you think they will.

But for now, it's BAD, and getting WORSE, day by day.

But the WORST of the BAD has not even hit. Wait till employment hits 30%, across the nation. I figure, in a year or so . . . barring some miracle and JOBS are created for the masses, at sustainable wages.

Sustainable meaning it pays for rent, home ownership, food, transportation, utilities, and such.

"Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more. I'd LOVE to turn you on, but I don't know what to DOOOoooooo." *G*

So I'll leave it up to you.

Larue said...

When did 5% pay 99% of our taxes?

Am I tax ignorant?

The 1% and the 5% have tax deductions up the whazoo.

And I say that corporate biz IS the 1% and 5% along with the individuals who live WAY fuckin upstream in the financial flow from me.

I must not be catchin yer drift, hoss . . . ??

Rehctaw said...

Ah Larue, I've missed ya.

There's some clogs and atrophy in our thinking process, but we know enough to know that together there's nothing that can't be fixed, broken, built, torn down then rebuilt.

Yes, you're right that it sucks out there during the storm. You may also be right that there's worse to come, but it's also possible that we will recognize the folly and move around and through the false obstacles that are being projected in our path.

I can't tell you what will precipitate the "change" or promise that it will be a sea-changing revelation, but I can tell you that the good overwhelmingly swamps the scum. The enema is on the horizon. The delivery system is partially assembled. The good sense of the American people will stem, then turn the tide.

We're all adjusting, individually because we've been isolated and insulated from each other. Slowly, we're comparing notes, looking out for those closest to us, but not shunning others or refusing help where it's genuinely needed and within our means to provide.

We are re-redefining a lot of things that have gotten FUBAR.
Emerging, if not stronger, then at least wiser. We once had good mouse traps, but now have more clever mice. We'll get ahead and stay ahead of them.

Oh yeah, and payback's a motherfucker.

Rehctaw said...

Larue said...

When did 5% pay 99% of our taxes?

Am I tax ignorant?
Not ignant at all. Just distracted?

Throughout our tax cutting for the rich insanity, the proffered rationalization for the disparity in distribution was that the rich pay nearly ALL of the taxes, ipso facto; they DESERVE all of the cuts and STILL pay almost all of the taxes.

People who never in a million years can hope to join that club, absorbed the myths and fables, nodding acquiescently the whole time until it became FACT.

So when the tea baggers emerged from their cicada hibernation, suddenly decrying socialism, facism and government run amok in their attempt to look utterly foolish, they brought with them their facts. On two signs, side by side, they claimed that 2% pay 90%
while 5% pay 99% of the tax burden. while the other sign said the debt for EVERY single American man, woman, child was $58,000 and rising?

How the fuck does that compute?

Short-selling America by the pound.
Turning profit in a down market. Squeezing blood out of a turnip.
That's the money side and will eventually go the way of GM.

The brick and mortar, iron and concrete, or in some cases, rusted and abandoned nation of work remains. Waiting to be re-purposed.

America is neither fat nor lazy. It's ready to work. Just not under these conditions. So let the money-changers and Willie Suttons have their billions. Let them eat it in the walled off insular compounds they've constructed. They were only in the way.

One need only look back at our history to see proof of what happens to shit that's in our way.