Friday, May 29, 2009

Things To Do -OR- Pot Boiling in Illinois

Not everyone is interested in the torture challenges of living in Illinois. It's foibles and faux pas, jerks and blowholes are the stuff of legend.
Politics burnout is mistaken for apathy. It's really not that people don't care, they've just been beaten into submission by the constant short end they're told is the best they can hope for.

In their hearty midwestern way, they've bypassed the daily beatings in favor of more productive pursuits. They willingly work twice as hard to get half as much. For the most part they do things knowing that it shouldn't be as hard as it is while maintaining a surprisingly sunny disposition and almost surreal optimism that it will eventually work out.

Good things happen every day. Across the spectrum, despite the odds and sometimes in very unexpected ways, things do work out. "Made it through another day. Tomorrow will be better, different, worse or worser, but that's tomorrow."

If you think you can glean the goings on there are lots of portals through which to peek.
Prairie State Blue
Capitol Fax
Illinois Channel
Progress Illinois
Illinois from Lefty Blogs
Blognet Illinois
Illinois Issues

Don't expect a sudden change in practices. Just look for a general trend. It won't take you long to figure out who's pulling on which side of the tug o' war rope.

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