Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ongoing (endless) Organization Effort -OR- JUST SHOOT ME!

-OR- Twenty-one years, two kids, three cats and room to expand... CRAM...
-OR- Nooks and crannies, Crannies and Nooks.
-OR- Messy Yellow Build-up (nostalgic)

I live in a semi-finished house. A DIY nightmare. (It's DIY because professionals rarely volunteer to return after the free in-home estimate. (Maybe it's me, but I tend to think the house itself scares the shit out of them)

This home has been very, very good to us on many, many fronts.
Organization has NOT been one of them. Carving out niches with a specific purpose in mind hasn't worked out as planned. No sooner is space created than it is FULL. Overfull with A) stuff from other areas undergoing emergency repairs B) Taken over in bloodless (mostly) coups C) abandoned for NEW, IMPROVED interests D) put on the back burner to deal with something unexpected.

Work is often (always)delayed by the Domino Theory. In order to re-purpose an area, the contents much be shifted. Past sins, of which this structure has countless, must be corrected which leads to another past sin which must be corrected andonandon.

Since becoming quasi-empty-nesters and finding myself with LOTS of time on my hands, I've taken to tackling tasks delayed, postponed, de-prioritized, ignored, put off, avoided. I'm making dents. Lots and lots of dents.

Shifting and sifting, gathering like objects, consolidating, sorting... You know the drill.

Today, the weather is beautiful, so the sorting process has been moved outdoors.
This is not the way I'd prefer to spend such a wonderful day, but since being given
my round tuit, I feel obligated.

At the end of the day, I hope to have approx. 100 square feet of CLEAR, Clean space from which to launch MAJOR operations. This is an official warning.

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