Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch -OR- Turd Polishing

Can we be this STOOPID? The available evidence suggests that at least some of us are.
We endured and prevailed over a line of thinking that -besides being OPPOSITE of everything for which this nation has stood- systematically, methodically with malice aforethought, has successfully substituted itself for the law of the land?

Now we are being goaded into getting to the bottom of what Nancy Pelosi knew, when?
Switch, shift and shaft? Pavlov rings the bell and we respond.


Why are we PLAYING their game? Is there an outside chance that the Bushies who shat on the constitution, the nation's honor and our justice system will now agree to be put under oath to support the allegations against Ms. Pelosi?

Will their testimony be limited in scope to the specifics of the now Speaker's sphere of information at a time when she was NOT the Speaker?

If not, BRING. IT. ON.

If this whole stank is just an elaborate, maniacally clever ploy to accomplish what no committee was able to accomplish DURING the Bush years and get the principals under oath, ON the record; FOR the record. I have both a newfound admiration of clever and a new respect for the thespian abilities of the cast.

More than one way to skin a cat? Peter Falk's Columbo on the case? Can it be?

Now if we can just get Al Franken in his rightful chair... I could half-believe that justice has a shot. Yeah, it's a full plate to consume. Some serious minefields to navigate and potentially embarrassing non-inteligence to expose, but NOT accounting for the gaping black holes in our collective timeline is clearly not an option.

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