Monday, May 18, 2009

Life? Not to be taken LITERALLY -OR- Misplaced Ritalin

It's positively Pavlovian. with a dash of Barnum, a pinch of exotic balderdash, a soupcon of batshit crazy and a heaping helping of Kibbles & Bits...
Makes its own gravy too!

A little less noise please! Children... FOCUS! Don't make me angry today. You don't want that.

We, as a society, need not fret nor worry about hyperactive, A.D.D., OCD students any longer. They have stellar, boundless, career horizons in upper level government, media and corporate organizational charts. If you can over-react, over-emote, fidget, and toss a first-rate tantrum you WILL go far.

Recruiters, Head-hunters and agents are delivering first rate crazy. Consumers are enthralled, hypnotized, mezmorized by the Whirling Dervishes. Sure, it sucks on a policy/progress/societal level, but the overnights and box office are off the charts.

The coconut telegraph is buzzin'. The drum beats, rather than unnerving and stampeding the herd are helping to drive/steer events and thinking. How many distractions can we accommodate at any one time? The math whizzes at the major polys have yet to calculate the number in finite terms.

The Quickening continues. Do I need to cite examples? Should I embed links? That's my ongoing internal debate. Am I expecting too much from my vast readership? Providing too little?

Common ground? SOLID ground? Besides a general sense that THIS is NUTS, there's little/nothing not in motion. The term WEB-BASED has never been more true. The slightest strand, plucked distantly, appears to rumble and shake the entire web.
Secondary disturbances get the whole place rockin'.

Bottom line, the fight is canceled due to lack of focus. Ya can't fight. You can only play.

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