Sunday, May 17, 2009

The bucket of shit -OR- Stir, baby, stir.

Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney - Dreamer?

Sure, why not? Not the idyllic romps that NORMAL people typically experience. Dick's dreams are most certainly dark. NORMAL dreams are his nightmares.

It can be truly said that as a man, he lived his dreams.

Can you think of a more fitting epitaph than: "He shot his friend in the face."?

Insisting that 2+2= Saddam didn't make it so. You know it, I know it and Bob Dole knows it! But sit Mr. Cheney down this very afternoon, ask all the questions again and he will INSIST on giving the same WRONG answers. Wrong then. Wrong Now. Wrong for America.

Did Nancy Pelosi know he was giving incorrect answers? Did she hedge her bets by using his answers on her answer sheet? Who the fuck cares? He's been replaced, she is replaceable. They all are.

Dick Cheney's career was upward failure. He did nothing well. He did nothing that deserved promotion. So how did he climb so high? It was easy. He shot his friends in the face and got them to THANK him for the privilege.

He has a place in our history books. The "Dick Cheney guidebook" for future politicians MUST be required reading. In the module containing history's worst human mistakes. An ounce of prevention will be worth a mega-ton of cure.

If a candidate for office or a government job displays ANY of Dick Cheney's talents, tendencies or attributes, they should be publicly ridiculed. Those kinds of "dreamers" must be purged from our landscape. Quarantined in our HISTORY. Never involved in our plans except as an example of what NOT to do.

He'll remain a hero to some. That's fine. To each his own. If the 20%ers want to start a church dedicated to Cheney's life and legacy, that's fine too. Wyoming already has many such houses of worship. It will have to be done posthumously. We all know he will resist induction, seek a deferment and insist on secrecy.

History will judge him; HARSHLY.

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