Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's a Fair Fight? -OR- FOCUS people FOCUS!

The H1N1 threat was a wag-the-dog to get Sibelius confirmed?

Wow, this Obama guy has super-powers and connections in the virus community.
Reminds me of the old insurance joke..."Yeah, but how do you start a flood?"

And the whole H1N1 v Swine flu nomenclature froofrawral is just plain silly.
Why do pigs care? Ahhh, it must be because of Sarah Palin.

But see what happens when you don't have good border security?!?

These and other tangents, which, in a normally functioning place, would be
had after several pints are passing as NEWS. I've chosen to use it as PROOF
that dreeple are pinking in the rews nooms.

Not sure I really want to find out how low they can go. Unless it's a limbo contest
between all the eye-candy "journalists" in appropriate fashions.

Research! This theorem needs a crowded pub and a pile of money.
Alas, even the traditional "Newser" pubs are feeling the pinch these days. I'll park it on the back burner for future mining potential...

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