Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sonic Brooms -OR- Beware of Flying Pigs

You open the door and the light goes on! Can it be any simpler than that?

Still, there is a mindset among statistically small, but committed groups, who believe themselves significant, who insist on pushing when the sign clearly says PULL. They will not be moved. Nothing can be said that will sway them.

To them, the light is always on and that is why there's light when the door opens.
Simple, plausible to them and WRONG. You can show them the switch and even demonstrate its function, but you won't convince them. They just aren't wired that way.

They trot out the same tired arguments on every single issue; every single time. Their sincerity, determination and strong beliefs can be deceptive in real time. They employ cause and effect to show that they are right. It's because everyone doesn't believe as they do that things don't work. It explains why things go wrong, not because of anything they've done, but because some people didn't get with the program. They trust their way because it is always draped with a big American Flag.
That's right! Old Glory! So there! So it can't be wrong.

Republicans? Well, sure, what's left of the base of the group now identified as Republicans qualify, but so do Libertarians and a slice of Democrats and smaller groups. When you add them all together, suppress voter turnout, build a coalition, and present a united front, the easily led will follow because it really doesn't matter all that much to them. If you PUSH hard enough, the door will move.

The door moved 29 years ago. Cleverly leveraged it made the exit the entrance and set about its business of undoing the previous 40 years. Replacing history with fables, trashing the very structure that made the United States the envy of the planet, detaching from the reality that no one thing made that happen, but rather the combination of ALL of the things working in concert toward a common goal.

It was a broad-based structure assembled with pluck, grit, sacrifice and determination. It had withstood hardships and challenges for 200 years, not for lack of trying. After 40 years of skillful, deliberate cause/effect manipulations. It was Morning in America. Slick marketing, grand promises, smoke and mirrors.

The game of American Jenga had begun. Fun for the whole family?

We know how the game's played, take from the bottom, put it on top. We also know that skillful players can seem to defy gravity.

It was a near miss. But the light went on. The movers, shakers and fakers were kicked to the curb. A new player stepped up with a bold concept. Letting it fail is not a good option. This isn't really a game, it's LIFE and despite the empty rhetoric of the now finished era, the end game is just an end and picking up the pieces is less SMART than preventing their collapse.

The game isn't over. We Weebles wobble, but we don't fall down easily. Preventing the tumble requires immediate shoring up of the BASE. Artificially perhaps. Temporary? Absolutely. Nobody expects props, splints, braces or crutches to immediately cure a debilitating injury, they only prevent future injury while allowing mobility during the HEALING process.

Anyone who's been casted knows the discomfort and agony that must be borne for as long as it takes. We all know morons who, against advice, wisdom and common sense
removed theirs before the injury healed.

Those morons are being noisy these days. But the rest of us are healing. Slowly.
Hang tough. Whatever it takes is gonna be worth it in the long-run.

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