Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tempus Fuggit -OR- How did I get here?

8784 hours ago I was a snarky commenter. Now I'm a blogger with a body of work?

If I had it do over again, what would I do different?
Would it make a difference if I did it different?

Is looking back at the 386 postings a worthwhile endeavor?
Is it time for a best of retrospective?
Nah, just keep beebling.

It's been a blast. I want to thank every one of the 6300 visitors, whether they wandered in off the street or were sent via linky goodness from other realms.

Half of you came back. WOW! A few of you have visited frequently. I am honored.
A friend likened my efforts to mental masturbation. He may be right. What spews
forth is no longer idle thought, it's words committed to 1s and zeros.
No regrets. I haven't re-read every entry, but I'm satisfied that I haven't wandered from my path.

This spilled seed is an accurate reflection of me. With a bit of gentle prodding I got it up. I've kept it up all year. Not every day's effort has been stellar, but every day's effort has been an effort.

I still live in a different world than most people. I attempt to promote tourism and relocation to the different side where things can make sense and progress isn't always a compromise. I've been dragged along on a detour I'd have preferred to skip, but I remain a resident of Could BE. Wouldn't it be nice? We seem to be headed in a better direction to get where I live. We've pulled out of our batshit crazy dive toward that other place. Now we're just disagreeing on how to get back where we belong.

This year's journeys have proven that a lot of folks stayed behind, keeping at least one foot firmly on their place. We left the lights on for the rest and drop fresh bread trails back to what we think is a better place and a better way.

The optimist in me knows, "The world's round. You can catch us the next time around."
Stop by and visit. I think you'll find you like it here.


Tengrain said...

The first 386 posts are the hardest!

Good for you, Rehctaw!



Laura said...

Good on you for Keeping At It and Showing Up.

Betsy said...

Congrats Rechtaw!

(How do I post cake over here?)

Rehctaw said...

Thanks gang.

TexBets, just fling it. The place could use a good Howard/Fine splattering.

No worries, the keepers will hose it down later when they deliver the overnight meds.



darkblack said...

Felicitations on your milestone.


Batocchio said...

About time. Congratulations!

driftglass said...

And many happy return visits of the day to you!

Larue said...

Wow, a year.



Many, many more, hoss.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Congrats, motherfucker! You and I are blog brothers, spawn of Drifty and grandspawn of Gilliard!!