Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Why are we playing with these guys?" is absolutely correct. The Right Wrong have done nothing to elicit or deserve quarter. After a 30+ year boning at the hands of an ideology bent on convincing a population that government doesn't work, why in the wide wide world of sports would anything they'd like to see implemented not simply be dismissed out of hand as the same old tired bullshit? This just makes no sense.
Cutting a product with purposeful impurities will never IMPROVE the end result.
Let them throw bricks and hurl invectives from their self-created wilderness while forcefully defending the superiority of your product. Keep it pure and deliver it to a yearning marketplace. If Congress sends a less than pure bill... Return to sender.
Keep `em there until they get it right. This is not a time to be placating the tattered remnants of abject failure. Give them all medals and a spiffy parade if need be, but don't let them "help" anymore.

Playing their game, indulging their egos and enabling their brand of sabotage, in the spirit of bipartisanship? That's will most certainly lead to this;

Which will then be blamed fully on the li-bur-al, progressives.
Instead, I would use this approach...

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