Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pure Drop-in GOLD -OR- It's NOT "My Pet Goat"

President Barack Obama sort of on the record.
The audiobook for "Dreams From My Father" has been re-discovered. On it, we get the 44th President of the United States reading from his first book.

If you want to hear him swear, cuss and talk street. There's plenty of dialogue that displays not just an ability, but a talent for the vernacular.
April Winchell's blog offers 5 MP3 files as proof of this gold mine. What are the odds that these will go viral Platinum? Be used in all sorts of creative projects?

If I wasn't sure that people far more talented than myself would be jumping all over this shit, I might be tempted to make my own lame YouTubes.

"Now you know that guy ain't shit. Sorry ass motherfucker ain't got nothin' on me. Right? Nothin'!"


Update: A sixth gem is woven into The Phoenix Barack Obama is ^&^&*^$ sick of this #&$^%@

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that guy ain't shit

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