Thursday, February 26, 2009

Updated: Taking a Day Off -OR- De-Pilot program

Tranquility aids digestion. It doesn't improve taste or consistency, but it lessens the agita, irritable bowel and promotes a healthy alimentary canal. There's much to digest from the last little while, so I'll make this brief.

Like most normal people, I will spend my "day off" replacing the hot water heater.
Like most water heaters this one chose to give up the ghost at 2:30 am.
The problem was quickly contained and isolated.
This like any DIY project will, of course, mean at least three trips to the plumbing supply/hardware/home center place. I'm getting ready for trip two. The old one's out, the new one's in place, but the piping now needs a bend here and a union there.

With any luck I'll be taking a hot shower sometime this afternoon. Gotta go. Union business.

UPDATE: Yowzah!!! I feel so warm and clean. I haven't sweated a joint in 20 years (at least none that had to withstand pressure and not leak) Still got it. Only one trip to the best damn hardware store in 4 states. There's a calm sense of well-being settling over hearth and home. I'm sure a dread front is moving in this direction. Satisfaction is so fleeting.

I hope the whole damn country is feeling good right now.* Except for the usual exemptions who I wish were turning slowly on a spit in the bowels of hell while rats in nomex suits gnaw on their genitals.

*Offer void where prohibited by fucktardedness

Entertain yourself.

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