Friday, February 27, 2009

Take Heart -OR- Makin' Sausage

Fuck sustainable energy that requires massive investment in infrastructure and a whole new grid design. I think we can harness the chutzpah and bullshit emanating from Opposite World to solve the problem well into the next millenium. There's tonnage of BTU's being wasted folks.

The rethugs are doubling down on their fiscal conservative bonafides. With a straight face. C'mon folks, you don't get comedy like this every day. "Our 28 year transfer of assets left NOTHING. So we know there was nothing in the larder for Obama to use."

Strictly speaking, they're right accurate. That which wasn't nailed down has been pillaged looted or broken. That what was nailed down has been mortgaged to the hilt. How dare President Obama stand up and say not only that we're gonna rebuild, but that we're going to do it right properly this time?

"Doesn't he see the demons, dragons, succubus and shades we painstakingly conjured?"
Of course he does. He sees them for what they are. Puffery, smoke and mirrors. He's navigating the maze you left behind, but is not bound by false obstacles.

Everything you looted still exists. Rightful ownership is what this debate is all about. Can there be no reasonable doubt that an element of fraud was used to enable the transaction? Will a jury of the American people uphold your dubious methods?

Did you forget the paper trail? He has ultimate clearance to examine the documents.
He's only had 36 days. He's established a sizable line of credit on the precedent you gave him. Conventional cost barriers and budget restraints no longer exist thanks to your maniacal zealotry. With every step forward you cry "Inconceivable!"
Dread Pirate Obama has bested your giant. He has disarmed your swordsman. "Inconceivable!" He's gaining on you.

Who will sit with him for the battle of wits? (links are all Youtubes)
George Bush
Dick Cheney
Mitch McConnell
William Kristol who had the chutzpah to say Obama isn't a war president? Wrong war again Billy Boy.
Bobby Jindal
Sarah Palin
Rush Limbaugh
Mitt Romney
Pat Buchanan?
Sean Hannity
Bill O'Reilly
Newt Gingrich
Glen Beck
Ann Coulter

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Tengrain said...

Two Princess Bride clips in one post - it is inconceivable!

I think you are on to something.