Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some days were/are Good -OR- Up from the Pits

One More P.S. Mueller

In one of my first posts here pondered what I consider to be the biggest loss we've taken in our public lives. The loss of respectful debate, discussion and dialogue. I attached a 10 minute youtube of Dr. King's first tv appearance. It was a three person roundtable and covered many substantive issues. In TEN MINUTES.

The middle man didn't show clips, read quotes from pundits or steer the discussion much. He introduced the guests and the topic, then let the guests discuss the issue.

Where did that go? Who decided that strident opposing points of view were best served by a panel of pundits whose sole function seems to be the same as a paper shredder? Unless I'm mistaken the ratio of principals to pundits within an hour long show is inversely proportionate to the importance of the topic. It's positively disheartening. Hopelessly uninformative and ultimately completely unproductive.

But there's always next week? Nope. On Cable, that hour is followed by another hour and another and another and another.

Finding Entertainment:

I consider Dick Cavett to be an extraordinary interviewer. He's also an occasional blogger. A link between then and now. His show consciously brought about some odd gatherings of guests for conversation. His most recent offering is a pure gem. Talk Show. John Updike and John Cheever on writing and life.

Finally, "Professional Journalist" Michael Miner weighs in on writing and writering.
Why Would a Pro Write for HuffPo? and the death of newspapers.

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driftglass said...

We're spinning off into tribes. One tribe speaks "Limbaugh". One tribe speaks "Survivor" and "American Idol". One tribe speaks "respectful debate". Sadly for us, there is only so-so money in "respectful debate"; the Big Media Cash is in shoveling conflict-coated shit to waterheads, which also just so happens to serve the political ends of some very bad people.