Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not at wit's end but I can see it from here. -OR- Even Odds we're phooked

Ahhh Saturday. The weekend. A little light at the end of the tunnel.
Then you hear the roar of the diesel and have to jump out of the way of the train.
Doom and gloom. Gloom and doom.
Nobody wants to deal with this shit? Nobody knows how to deal with this shit?
This is new shit. Unprecedented?

"Hey! We're on the wrong fucking road!!!"
"Yeah, I know, but we're making great time!"

Planetary Bookie, Jared Diamond calls it. Our chances of straightening this shit out; 51%.

"Jared Diamond, in fact, has publicly declared he sees only a 51 percent chance of western civilization surviving. You can hear this from his own mouth in this video interview:

You can find Mr. Diamond's gems in the non-fiction horror section. (formerly investment and finance)

His minuscule optimism drops off drastically when the human factors are added to his forecast. Where is the tipping point? Is it a where? a what? a who? a vogon constructor fleet? Asses asses, we all fall down? Then what?

Back to school fool. What should you learn? What you'll need. What will you need? Depends on what you learn.

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