Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ugly Americans -OR- Not Going Gently

The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready, and it may be a long time before they get off. - Henry David Thoureau

And the man waiting for Congress might as well pack more provisions for the waiting than the journey.

While I do appreciate standing on principle. I draw the line at suddenly discovered ones emanating from well-charted principle voids. President Obama seems to feel the same way.

That's why it makes sense for President Obama to pick a fight with the biggest bully in the principle challenged schoolyard. After declaring himself the self-appointed vanguard of the decimated Right, Rush Limbaugh feigns surprise when singled out for harsh words and ridicule from the Oval Office? Rush claims the "unprovoked?" attack on him is just a distraction so people won't focus on the President's plans.

What apparently hasn't dawned on the Ty-de-bowl man is that HE is part of the President's plan. If you are going to do battle with the ideology of conservatism, as practiced, Rush is the most strategic target on the scope. The sultan of slur's declaration of sovereignty and singular, if necessary, opposition was a mostly symbolic gauntlet that he thought would be not picked up.

He thought could continue to fling poo from the gallery that would go unchallenged. Oops. Wrong.

After first defining the players on the acceptable, reasonable right with whom
discourse and debate would be welcomed and engaged, the turret turned to Rush and notice has been given. Let's go big boy.

If you thought you could be an annoying gnat, think again. Hint: bring your "A" game.


Connecticut Man1 said...

It is, precisely, the marginalization of key extremists on the far right that will result in a shift of acceptable discussion. A shift of the Overton Window. The Blogosphere provided a major shift over time, but Obama has the weight to provide another major shift on his own.

Anonymous said...

Hooooo, boy. And I thought the New York game was good.
I am going to sit back and learn.

Rehctaw said...

Mr. President kept his blackberry and continues to be a multi-tasking force of nature.

They let this addicted little pissant alone in his domain too long. Wrongly thinking the AM airwaves to be harmless. Engage. Modulate his Amplitude. What better way to muck out the stable than to cut off Rush's unfettered access to the microphone?

Oxy-man has called for Jihad against Obama. He thinks he has an army of dittoheads behind him. What he has is a busted flush.

larue said...

What Rush, in his demented daze, hasn't heard:

"I won."