Monday, January 26, 2009

I sit corrected -OR- Blago said WHAT?!?!?

Since the Fitzhammer dropped on December 9th, (the day that will live in obscurity) Swaggers on the tube and in the tubes have been asking and answering the same question.
Who the fuck is Rod Blagojevic and is he as stupid as the charges make him out to be?

Descriptives? he's had a bunch. Delusional, ego-centric, ego-maniacal, Elfishly Elvis-y, taitched in teh haid...

The punditocracy have lined up to take their shot at the pinata. Blago's fellow pols have played along.

I held fast to the opinion I formed of him back when he popped up and had his wife tell her daddy to make him a congresscritter; Piece of shit. Sociopath who will fit right in to the political quilt of Washington.

After being unable to avoid his coming out party on teh Network morning shows this morning, before the Illinois Senate kicks his ass to the curb, before he becomes the EX-Governor, the man himself has issued his last semi-official proclamation in a desperate attempt to cling to relevance. "Wait for it. This ain't it. Wait for it. That ain't it either. It ain't it until I tell you what it is and then you'll be awed, amazed and a-twitter that you weren't telling my side of the story that I wasn't telling!"

He revealed for the world his particular affliction. He has a full-blown Christ Complex. Who if not the Governor of a somewhat prominent state would be barricaded inside a compound with his followers explaining the tactical wisdom of Massada.
If psychologists were allowed in Network newsrooms they could outline the outward signs of the malady. Which is why you haven't seen a Shrink anywhere in the coverage.
Not enough straight-jackets or Thorazine to go around.

Update: I assume using a 10-foot pole, a few experts were asked to weigh in.
Narcissistic Personality?

This Critic's rating: Two Straight-jackets!

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