Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas Present to the World -OR- In A REALITY based world it would work.

Riffing on Mel Brooks I bring you Rehctaw's solution to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shock and Awe Part II

Using the materials and machinery in country, at a semi-isolated location with advantageous terrain, under cover of darkness, the boots on the ground will erect a theme park to rival any on earth. Complete with jugglers, clowns, costumed characters and thrill rides.

When construction is nearly complete, pack up everything else, troops, tanks, Humvees, mess halls, and bug out. Move everything to a secure location. (Kansas?)

Leave signs and directions to the festival announcing 24/7 free unlimited rides and kids under 12 eat free. Plenty of free parking available. Price of admission is one lethal weapon per person.

When the natives wake up we'll be gone. The only reminders will be the manned and unmanned aircraft monitoring events on the ground. Other aircraft, containing strike groups will be stationed within reasonable distances to deal with party poopers and malcontents.

Merry Christmas from your friends, the United States of America.

Before you tell me the million reasons it wouldn't work, keep in mind that none of the current military/police projections of "success" hold any promise of ending U.S. involvement.

A military that could pull this off would indeed be viewed as formidable.

Any suggested names for the operation?

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