Friday, November 21, 2008

Phailure Phriday -OR- PARDON me?

Failure to "Get It" in Three Minutes Nine Seconds FLAT!

Governor Maverick, Sarah Palin made the obligatory journey to the turkey farm to grant ONE lucky turkey a stay of execution. An annual perfunctory photo op and feel good moment for any Guv. She made the pronouncement, then lingered to reflect upon goodness and blessings and stuff like that there (wink).

In doing so, she provided a profound allegory for our present situation. While she talked of the way, the truth and the light, reality unfolds right behind her. To which she is obviously oblivious, because to contemplate that she KNEW is even more disturbing.

This was nearly a heartbeat away from being POTUS? Have we heard and seen enough to know FOR SURE what's gone wrong with politics?

note: I originally typed This woman was nearly a heartbeat away... Which while accurate, was wrong on so many levels that the word jumped out of the monitor and smacked me upside the haid.

Clueless stupidity and arrogance combined knows no gender.

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