Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White knuckle surfing

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How objective has this little walk through history been? Not very.
How honest? I'm comfortable with it so far.

What would a slanted piece look like?
From no less than the best-selling author of "Friday Night Lights"
We're all racist now! H.G. Bissenger- NY Times

Any Blogs covering things? (Beware of comment trolls)
District 209acopia
The District's Beard Blog
Short-lived effort
Who flung Poo?

District 209 report card
Interactive report card

One has to wonder about the search criteria?
Passes muster

The next contestant:
Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart
>Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart most recently served as Superintendent for Bertie County Schools. She has held numerous administrative positions with Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and school districts in Lawrence, Kansas City, and Topeka, Kansas. Her primary focus has been curriculum and instruction. Dr. Collins-Hart received her Bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, two Master’s degrees from East Carolina University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.
>Dr. Collins-Hart has worked to raise standards of classroom teaching, close achievement gaps between various groups of students, and improve curriculum development, alignment, and implementation. Her administrative goals have been improving fiscal management and accountability and reforming and restructuring High Schools and Middle Schools. Dr. Collins-Hart believes that her successes in these areas demonstrate her commitment not only to students, but also to the processes that can demonstrate accountability and help secure support for public education.
>Dr. Collins-Hart received the 2006 Superintendent of the Year award from the American Cancer Society for the South Atlantic Region 4 and a Leadership Award in 2005 from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro National Alliance of Black School Educators. She was cited for her work in closing the achievement gap and in equity education by author Glenn Singleton in his 2005 book Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools. Dr. Collins-Hart has also been a member of the North Carolina Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Alliance of Black School Educators and the Board of Directors of the Advancement Via Individual Determination program.

Resume sounds oddly like this script.
Fields firing- Libka interim

The First "Reform" Supt.

What about the Media?
ONE local newspaper covering 10% of the population
See if you can find any local news. Suntimes News Group
Life Newspapers

Who is affected?
Melrose Park
Stone Park unlisted URL, sub info
Forest Park

District Website:
Million$ Website?

Local Schools:
Forest Park

An effort was made to provide a platform. Without a district wide platform for outreach, it went moribund quietly.
AllProviso Forum

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