Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What about NCLB?

What about it? By forming the Magnet high school, the district postponed falling under most of NCLB's remedies. Insufficient data? By the time there's adequate data, NCLB will have been replaced by the new, improved one-size-fits-all theory of education.

So to recap.

Institutionalized abandonment? Check
Disconnection from community involvement? Check
Insulation from local "reformers" who opt out of the system? Check
Incomparable, convoluted finances? Check
Diminished Potential for organizing and sustaining a grass-roots revolt? Check
Tax Dollars still rolling in with ZERO accountability? Check
Control of a $70 Million Education Budget? Check
Avoidance of NCLB? Check

Hey, you don't have to have the solution to admire the problem.

Next: I'll have a post for those of you who feel a need to fact check.
And a challenge. Find me another district with these same issues.

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