Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Until we outnumber them!

"Electoral Take-home math: Obama 173, McCain 144, and Tossup 221.

That's a whole lotta states that suddenly matter. It ain't gonna be just about Ohio and Florida this year. The general is going to be the Dem nomination race on steroids...this is gonna be great!!"

Define Great please?!?

This will be the basest, most coded but demonstrably racist crap we've seen since the 60's. It will make Reagan's stealth "Southern Strategy" seem like a day at Six Flags.

It's positively stupefying that anyone who has at least two non-damaged brain cells could look at this race, in light of the past 8 years, and think that 4 more years of empire casting insanity, looting, pillaging and raping of the many for the benefit of the few is the OBVIOUS way to go from here.

That locking the SCOTUS into a majority that would think loss of Habeus was the framers intent, that privacy is a thing of the past and that fascism is the rational response to retaliatory terrorism?

`splain it to me. PLEASE!

"Two rabbits are hopping through the forest when they are suddenly surrounded by a pack of wolves. They run off and take cover in some bushes. The brown rabbit say to the white rabbit, "Should we keep running or just stay here until we outnumber them?"

While I don't like the scared bunny metaphor per se, the situation is right on the money. Do we outnumber them yet? I sure thought so, but now? Watching this cakewalk turn into something almost unrecognizable? Are the brown bunnies and white bunnies outnumbered or just surrounded by fear? Ghandi said "you can't shake hands with a closed fist" is that what prompted the terrorist fist jab?

On the issues, on the record, on the law, on rights, on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, even the LCD blowholes must realize what's at stake. History is hardly comforting in this regard. Civilizations and empires have been lost for dumber reasons.

Is it this?

When it should be this?

Are enough people trusting enough to believe that this too shall pass? That what remains will be worth any effort in the next cycle? Because the Dems dared to nominate a brown bunny as their standard bearer? If so, my staid cynicism will have not been in vain, but at what price?

If it's a fight that's needed to reassert all that this country is supposed to stand for, when's a good time for you? I've always been mildly amused by the militia, patriot, survivalist, 2nd amendment blowhole mentality that contends their preparation and organizations will save the day. For who? For what?

If that dark day comes, I want to be at ground zero. First to fall. Because what will assuredly come after will be unlike anything they've prepared and organized to expect. Even Hollywood (generic: it's not like they're actually making anything there anymore either) in its darkest visions of the "future" after a meltdown, hasn't begun to imitate the horrors. Terror? Terrorist? Yeah, that's something to toss it all in the shitter for. But hey, if having a end-gamer at the helm helps YOU sleep better...
I'll just be over here drinking myself into the equivalent of your stupor.


Anonymous said...

The fight is on, and it's complicated.

If Obama don't get it done, we'll have ANOTHER fight on our hands.

And so it has always been and will always be.

Love teh '77 Feat . . . GREAT CUT!!

As always, you da man.

We'll just pass the well aged scotch and tell stories, as we watch it all go by . . . .

And we'll die like men, and women, who are PROUD of their lives and what they brought to their time on this rock.

This is NO time for sniveling.
Not at all.


Rehctaw said...

THE fight tain't ON as you say and it's very simple. Unless/Until we fight our conditioning, it might never happen.
We'll continue the bickering and battles in the sideshows, undercards and distractions
without ever finding out if the United States can live up to its promise.

There have been times when it seemed we could make it into the big ring and stand toe-to-toe
with our worst enemy, -our own fears and insecurities about race, gender, haves and have nots-
but something conveniently rears up, grabs our ankle and drags us back down into the pettiness and bickering over phantoms and visages of our past and specters of a ghastly future if equity, egality and equality are enforced as our country's goals.

Preventing a battle royale that might truly UNITE the masses against the preference that we remain splintered and at odds with one another. An America that builds once again, from the foundation upwards, instead of castles in the sky,untethered to the earthly concerns from whence they came.