Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pre-Dawn in America?

You can hear the birds a-chirping, you can sense the break of day.
The grass glistens with the mornin' dew. The lake is still and reflective,
broken only by occasional leaping fish and early-rising waterfowl.
Plantiff wails of loons on the lake. A family of ducks stumble by.
A grand day in early June that holds the promise of a glorious day.
You grab your cup of morning plasma, adjourn to your morning spot and
for a moment, contemplate the potentials.

Then you open the browser... WTF? You skim the headlines, your head begins to sway perceptibly side to side. no. It can't be. They didn't. They wouldn't.
The churning starts. This just won't do. Need light. Need fresh. Need humor. Need Thorazine?

There has to be good news under all this crap. All I have to do is avoid the land mines. Right? I need a diversion. Something that matches the serenity in the surroundings.

The first boat putts by, cutting the glass into ripples. Followed almost immediately by several more. Within minutes, the lake is churning too. The sun has peeked above the treeline. Cars roar to life and head out to meet the day. Goods to make, services to provide, sales to be closed, kids to teach, defendants to plead, meters to read, lines to repair, planes to fly, stores to open, mail to sort, wars to fight, worlds to conquer...

Maybe those headlines weren't so bad after all...

Of course, You could always just pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep.

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