Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Google Streetview- A new sport

Rolled out last year, Googlemap's streetview feature is at once cool but very creepy.

You can type in an address in most urban places and drill down to a street level image that you can zoom and rotate 360 degrees.

One part Andy Warhol, one part big brother, one part Jerry Springer, one part Alfred Hitchcock.

Useful? Maybe. Dangerous? Offering a way to case neighborhoods from the nearest wifi cafe? Embarrassing? Potentially...

Interesting? Without a doubt.

Type 3551 N. Clark, Chicago, IL into the search field, rotate to find Cub manager Lou Pinella snapped while walking to his Chevy SUV.

Ever wonder about the garage where Hewlitt-Packard began?

What else can they find?

This new wrinkle is not without it's critics. Local laws have been passed prohibiting such images from certain communities being used.

So if you see this vehicle in your vicinity and don't want to be visible to the entire planet... DUCK!

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