Sunday, June 1, 2008

Missed by almost everyone

When a legend passes, there's usually great fanfare.

It was a busier than usual week and I completely missed this.

Democracy Now's tribute with an interview from 2004
The “Golden Voice of the Great Southwest”: Legendary Folk Musician, Activist Utah Phillips, 1935-2008

U.Utah Phillips died in his sleep on Friday, May 23,2008 at his home in Nevada City, CA.

In the immortal words of Carl Spackler, "So, I've got that going for me."

The bossman has some `splainin' to do.

For Larue:


Anonymous said...

Bless ya hoss, we heard it from Dallas Dobro The MC, at Strawberry Fest, Friday night as he held court before introducing Ricky Skaggs N Kentucky Thunder.

Utah, like Studs Terkel, and a small handfull left, was golden, indeed.

Others can talk and tell of his accomplishments and influences on humans. I'll just say, he was grand.

I'm proud I got to shake his hand, and talk to him.

Once, at a picnic for KVMR in '03, and just last Fall '07 Berry, where he appeared on stage, then hung out at the LPFM Hog Ranch Radio.

He would talk to each and every one of us adoring fans between sets on stage by others. And he'd school us. Each and every one of us. On history, on life, on being a good human.

Thanks hoss, again. Utah was and is, a hoss of all hosses. And I know, you know it.

Bless ya. N bless Utah and his Joanna.

The Sierra Nevada Gold Hill Foothills and Utah's friends around the world are making sure Joanna has all she needs to be well in HER final time on this rock.

It's as good as it can be.

And I miss him terribly. And I hardly knew him.

Namaste, Bruce Phillipps.

Anonymous said...

My bad, it was SPRING Berry Fest, '07, as your vid obviously shows. Good, though. ;-)

Rehctaw said...

Bless ya hoss, we heard it from Dallas Dobro The MC, at Strawberry Fest, Friday night

Thanks for this. I can imagine him WANTING to be @ Strawberry this year. He willed himself there last year.

He found a way to attend. That was his way. Finding a way.