Sunday, June 1, 2008

If there's a music heaven, this is Section ONE-Row One

Wolfgang's Vault

Whether urban legend or fact... I remember seeing a news report about this amazing "discovery". IIRC, a warehouse once owned by legendary promoter Bill Graham was sold. The buyer uncovered a gold mine. Posters, Tickets, T-Shirts, Reel to Reel tapes crammed large and small areas of the building. No index, no catalog, no inventory records just a mountain of priceless stuff. It was recognized as a national treasure, lovingly preserved for posterity, (with a necessary capitalist bent) and OPENED to the public.

Even if the true story is less fanciful or altruistic, the place exists. For that I am thankful.

For a glimpse of wonders and treasures that eclipse Hollywood's wildest romp, visit the concert archives. Sure, the big names will cost money to own for yourself, but it doesn't cost anything to listen to history.

Live Concerts A-Z

I could happily sit in a basement and play these LIVE gems for a year or two...

Pack a lunch...

Here's a little taste (somewhat appropriate after yesterday's Dem decisions)

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Anonymous said...

Wolfgang's Vault, and Pandora.

An eternity lost in them, easily.

But YOU bring out Edmunds 'Crawling From The Wreckage'.

How you DO that hoss?

B Sides R Us? *G*

Totally bitchen, anyway you search for it! *G*