Friday, June 13, 2008

Help Wanted:

Jovial, jocular, ringmaster type needed immediately.

Low-key, well-rounded, (shape, not background) slightly muted arrogance a plus.
Ability to bluff sincerity and egality while providing a pipeline for
bureauspeak, doublespeak, newspeak, and onomatopoeia. Able to hold forth on any topic
without first clue of the contextual substance. Snap judgments and homespun pontification also HUGE pluses.

A slight dimness of intellect to make guests and panelists seem learned and well-spoken.

Salary commensurate with willingness to cooperate.

Send tape to: Voldermort c/o Dick Cheney
1600 Pennsylvania Av.
Washington, D.C.


Blue Gal said...

And if you can pounce outta nowhere on Howard Dean with a three-year-old gotcha quote, that's a plus.

I thought you said you didn't do obituaries?

Rehctaw said...

Not an obit.

In these tough economic times, getting a jump on job openings is one of the keys to finding one.