Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meanwhile in the alternate universe...

I often wonder why I live here. If you lived here you'd probably wonder too.
Oh wait, you do live here. Just a different here than this here.
See what happens when you take a wider perspective and realize that wherever you go; there you are?

I live in a pretty good place. Pretty good in that I have easy access to a world-class city and its amenities. I have a solid, if slightly shabby, home in an inner ring suburb which means I can actually walk short distances and be somewhere.
A wife, two kids, two cats? Check. Hurtling toward empty-nest status? Check.
Health? Check. By most measures, I've attained a position of comfort. So why am I discomforted? Disgruntled? Why do I yearn to be gruntled instead? What obstacle stands between me and nirvana?

That I have to share space with the preponderance, the plurality, the lowest common denominator, if you will, just makes life interesting? Maybe the Cosmic Muffin just has a totally warped sense of humor?

Geez, just save me from having to interact with these blowholes. But wait, I'm completely surrounded by blowholes. Blowhole policies, blowhole ideas, blowhole philosophy, blowhole planning. How did this happen?

Oh yeah. I live among the blowholes. They've been inbreeding forever. They are contradictions. They can simultaneously be open and closed-minded. Warm/Cold. Friendly/Hostile. They just see things differently right? Hemingway described his childhood hometown as having "broad lawns and narrow minds". Is there comfort to be found in the constancy of blowhole thought?

After all this isn't a true/false test. There are no wrong answers. What you believe is what you believe. Perception is reality.

I mean, maybe it's me who's absolutely wrong about absolutely everything. The preponderance, the plurality can't be wrong. Right? Trust the mob. Look how swimmingly things have worked out so far. We're well on our way to peace, harmony and equality. I should just go with the flow and...

and what? How do I reject that to which I hold firm? How do I get me some Kool-aid ans see the light? Why do I insist on actually seeing a bigger picture? Why do I see that picture as being painted by blowholes flinging feces? Why can't I join the throng declaring it a masterpiece? Who is the delusional party here?

How can I argue with my neighbors when they put forth such logic and clear thinking as:

"1. He is not Hillary. 2. He is not Obama. 3. He has military exp. he knows the toll a war can take and his experience so out weighs both Osama and Hillary."
(note how she cleverly slips the Osama thing in there?)

"Its funny that alot of my black friends wont vote for Obama and most of female friends white and black will not vote for Hill or Obama..perhaps because most of my friends black,white ,male, female have or had a very military background and feel more comfortable with McCain."

(yeah, same blowhole. Spokeswoman for alot(sic)of her friends.)

Perhaps it's because she's a blowhole who surrounds herself with other blowholes exclusively, refuses to see other than her blowhole perspective therefore, responds like a blowhole?

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