Thursday, May 22, 2008

The densest substance on earth.

Nothing penetrates. Like the woman I quoted in the preceding post, nothing shakes the true believer blowhole. Given facts, they say facts don't matter. Question their logic and they put their fingers in their ears and say nah, nah, I'm not listening. "Me and my friends (the voices in my head?)know the truth without question."

At some point there will be a national sonic boom as heads around the country stop listening to blowholes, open their eyes and realize they've been looking at their own rectal void. That will be a shot heard around the world. When you are wrong; admit it. Atone for it. Become a better person. Otherwise one day you will become


Note the cleverness used to fight historical facts.

Gawd how I loathe cleverness.

And when that fails you, shout!

As we gain distance and perspective, the so-called loonies and fringe who stood up early and often have been slowly joined by many for whom it took longer to sink in.
Imperviosity may be an admirable element in countertops, but it's terrible life philosophy. If you are one of the many whose thought process perc test requires time, -time that, quite frankly, we don't have- then stay the fuck out of the discussions. It's not a crime to admit you don't know. It really isn't. You've already given yourself up to the thinking of others. Go all the way for once. Two ears, one mouth... nuff said.

As a public service, Jeremy Glick, Phil Donahue and the hundreds of other "guests" that have been shouted down should make their own videos. Calmly state their case; their reasoning and their conclusions MINUS the "nah,nah, I'm not listening", I can shout louder than you distractions.

Clearly these two put more thought into their constructs than Bill Zero Reilly has put into anything, ever.

Be ingenious, not igneous. (tm) (c)

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