Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think we're all Bozo's on this bus

One Pack = One Vaccine
Just the latest example of corporate benevolence.

Corporate/Bureaucratic symbiosis. For every crack underserved by "government", a feel-good opportunity for Mother Company.

"Pampers has joined forces with UNICEF for a second year, to help ensure that millions of vulnerable mothers and their babies are protected against maternal and neonatal tetanus."

A scourge to be sure. A gaping hole in the global safety net. Thank goodness the folks at P&G were willing to step into the void.

How many other examples can you think of that mirror this? How many products does Proctor & Gamble market? How many charities raising how much money? Spending generously on "raising awareness", corporate tie-in, campaign strategy, print and media advertising, golf outings, travel, photo ops...overhead... oh yeah, and vaccine too.

The Salvation Army recently bought a $500,000 house nearby. It will house one of their officers and family. Nice house.
Not to take anything away from the Sally Army and the good work that they do but how many bells and kettles and random kruggerands...?

Do I just look at the world from a slightly severely differing perspective? Am I a closet marxist?
Is it me who is naive about the ways of the world?

If so, I'm not alone. We are legion. I be one drop of an ocean of outrage if only life afforded the opportunity to contemplate the ways. Short of frantically signalling for a time-out, hurling my tiny spitballs in a vain attempt at awareness-raising like the Who-inhabited dust speck from some Theodore Guissel acid-trip, mounting my noble steed to tilt at windmills, accepting the Dirty Fuckin' Hippie, Bleedin' Heart Liberal, Commie, Pinko labels from CCRWRSWAM, just sucking it up and buying a dozen boxes of Girl Scout Cookies... what the fuck can a body do?

Oh, before you ask me WTF a CCRWRSWAM is...

Who is threatened by asking the right left questions? A bunch of really "important" people doing really "important" work for really "important" causes.

Who by merit of their tireless efforts, can afford to live far away from the societal cracks, enjoy adequate, insurance provided, health care, visit Disney World, sated by the knowledge that their comfort, in grossly disproportionate ways, is, in the grander scheme, helping? By next year, with their increased staff and budget, they'll have it solved? Then what?

Will the world magically transform and operate on Gene Coon's Prime Directve? Of course not. There are too many self-important parasites who'd be out of a job.

Do you ask yourself such things? Would you if you had the time?
What be your answer?

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Todd Snider's a hoss.