Friday, April 25, 2008

I gots class. It's low, but I gots it.

The action in the video isn't important. They used the song I was looking for.
R/C planes aren't my thing. YMMV. (Your mileage may vary)

John Prine's "People Putting People Down" seemed strangely appropriate today.
I'm not a linky person or I'd send you on the long strange trip I took.
The gist, life is tough; wear a helmet. (thanks Dennis Leary, who if rumors are true prolly stole it).

Did you know it's an election year?

Got a kitchen full of ants to deal with on top of the normal cat-herding.

"So the people who don't fit, get the only fun they get, from people putting people down."

Turn down the sound on the cable news and listen while you read the scrawls.

Note: There was a live version of Dylan singing it, but the sound sucked.
Too bad. Dylan singing Prine is an interesting juxta. Prine's gravel with
a nasal quality too...?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

People putting people down is one of the most COWARDLY and emotionally damaging things we do to each other as a species.

Short of the killin, that is.

I've never GOTTEN it, and it hurts to watch it.
I've always faught it be it my business or not.

Tough life. Helmets help, yeah.