Friday, July 26, 2013

I Should Explain...and Apologize -OR- All in All; All In

This place is not technically shut down. There's a ton of activity. Other bloggers are on top of it and doing
their usual bang up job.

Things, as they are, have been less than motivating to write about. It's just all so FUBAR and I'm at a loss to distill
any one thing or group of things down into bite size chunks.

Consider me on injured reserve, or sitting out a suspension for testing positive for normalcy. There's just too much to untangle to offer anything cogent.
It's all the same game. Same as it ever was.

I could, without question, bang out a few paragraphs about my little hamlet's existence here in Proviso Township, Crook County, Illinois, U.S.A. That food chain
is chock full of meat, but little in the way of nutrients.

The Struggle Continues. Like Frosty, I'll be back again someday.

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Yastreblyansky said...

Whatthehell I just realized you've been away for a long time! Take care and hope to read you soon.