Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Feud -OR- SQUIRREL!

If you've never watched the often awkward "family" units who compete for "Fast Money" on "Family Feud", but you've religiously watched your favorite flavor of newsfotainment showgrams, you've witnessed the scene. On "The Feud" questions are asked of 100 loosely affiliated people: 100 married men/women, 100 college students, 100 waiters/waitresses etc. Their answers are ranked in order, put up, hidden, on a gameboard. Two families go head- to-head to guess the top answers to the survey question. The comedic value of the game show is played through the host, but the comedy gold comes from the often cringe-worthily stupid guesses from family members. Whether from nervousness at being on National TeeVee, the predictable result of generational inbreeding or simply misunderstanding the premise of the poll questions, the family's weakest links are the high-octane fuel that drives the game. You, sitting in the comfort of your teevee viewing room, can play along.

The top five answers are on the board.
"Name a movie monster" [Dad from the Smith Family Buzzes in]
Let's look... Godzilla is #3
Two answers can top it.
Okay, Gramma Edith from the Jones Family?...

"Ronald Reagan"

(audience laughter)

Survey Says....

As the family plays the game they all cheer, support, applaud... "Good Answer!" Rah Rah!", regardless of how feeble the guess.

Got it? No? I'll wait...

There. Alrighty then, the next time you tune in to your favorite talking heads mouse circus, watch as though you're watching "The Feud"
Understand that when the question asked is how much is 2+2? And the answer is "CUT TAXES!" The "family" MUST cheer, applaud and whoop it up,
"Good Answer!!!"

As they go down the line and responses never vary, never rise to an answer,
Dirty Fuckin' Hippies!
Love it or Leave it!
You Betcha!

Thank you for playing our game.
Join us next time...

...And somewhere, Ronald Reagan is smiling.

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