Friday, October 28, 2011

Closing the Loop -OR- Thank You For Playing Our Game

OWS is not speaking a different language. It is our Mother Tongue.
We've been listening to translation of Opposite World-ese and Corpspeak for so long that our native language just SOUNDS foreign.

The bedrock of the conversations we need to have at this point of our history must be in unambiguous language everyone can understand.

(or we'll do it ourselves and you won't enjoy it.)

No more "Heads we win; Tails you lose."

We will definitely wait, we will not wait indefinitely.

We love peace; we are not pacifist.
Our atrophied collective muscles are beginning to flex again.

BTW, YOUR army? That's us.

1 comment:

matt jacob said...

"BTW, YOUR army? That's us."

great observation.