Friday, September 26, 2008

Phriday Phuggery -OR- Here in Opposite World


When you suspend your campaign you become more visible. When you cancel an appearance on a late night talk show to appear on the nightly news you serve up the tastiest comedy of the evening. When you return to Washington to do whatever you can to work out a deal, you wind up derailing the deal.

Yep, everything is working as expected. You are at the center of your universe. Opposite World. Where your campaign team is a veritable who's who of Washington power, influence, ethical contradictions with all the earmarks of a licentious cabal, it's only natural that you campaign as the maverick reformer.

War is peace, black is white, up is down, rich is poor, banks rob people, all pigs are fed and ready to fly.

ONLY in a world such as this could this race be a dead heat. In such a world, you can say you will not debate your opponent as long as there is injustice in the world and get away with it. You can avoid your past, your record, your speeches, your reputation and with only slightly cartoonish contortions you can even run against yourself. You can run as the outsider against your 40 year record in public life. You can pick a den mother from Alaska as your running mate and rewrite her bio to make her worldly and astute.

Inside is outside, wrong is right, spending is saving, anger is love, bad is good, weak is strong, bullshit is truth.

And half the people are right there with you, because they live in opposite world too. They are able to look at the outcome of conservative rule and blame liberals.
They can see all the evidence of arrogant greed and blame the poor. They suspended disbelief, and in their world that is all that mattered. All that existed.

Such people will not willingly return to the real world. They will believe anything. Except the truth, because the truth is just too horrible.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you put exactly what I've been thinking into words except instead of "Opposite World" I've been thinking Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous but I was thinking of something like Dawn Of The Dead.

OOer - is that terribly ageist of me?

Plisko said...

My term for this has been "the reality show"

Where everything is scripted to look real and the biggest asshole is often the most popular character. Where decisions that are based on reality work against you and decisions that get ratings shoot you into the spotlight every time.

Opposite world works too. . though. . especially the way you describe it. Well said!

Rehctaw said...

Thanks for dropping by.

The unreality of Opposite World differentiates it from mere circumstance or coincidence.

McCain's entrance to and acceptance by those who dwell there was gained by selling his soul. He's the ringmaster of this 40 years circus now.

Smaller Government? - Biggest in the history of history.
Deficit reduction? Largest deficits and debt in history.

Fitting for the party of Ronald Wilson [strike] McDonald [/strike] Reagan.

Steeve said...

Very nicely put. I can't get over how deluded so many republicans supporters are. How they cannot see the flaws in their leaders. The only way to justify it is to use this type of inverse logic. Those in power I can understand because they have everything to loose, but to the GOP base, they just can't accept that they have been so wrong for so long and so enter into this state of delusion. Maybe some day the american "people" will realise that they are being screwed by their leaders (on both sides, but the GOP have been in power for so long that they're really more culpable here) and do something to ensure that they are charged with high treason and sentenced appropriately.

Phil said...

It makes me wonder what color the sky is in their world.

Congrats on the C&L Link!!

fedupwithhypocrisy said...

I have been thinking South Park's alternate universe: even those guys couldn't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Well said, and something I've been saying ever since the Bush Regime came to power.

War is Peace, (they think there is less terrorism because of our wars), raping the earth is "conservation," but most frighteningly, Fascism is Freedom.