Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Many Stenches; So Little Time -OR- He Who Smelt It...

“I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him,” - Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa

Quote to a reporter of the New York Times no less.

The blogosphere had a field day. The "conversation" turned away somewhat from WHAT was said, to the myriad things that could be said about what was said and the person who said it. But nary a word about the truth contained within the quote. Filth by association? Ryan's own filth and stench won't hold him back, only Rmoney's?

Roger Simon at Politico riffed on the quote; initially without a satire disclaimer. Politico was compelled to add one. The author added another one at the end of his piece. It has tumbled and been polished from there.

Craig Robinson even felt compelled to write an explanation. He admits he said it, but allows that he could have chosen his words better. Look and listen. That disease is positively rampant in this election cycle. Misspoke? Misquoted? Misunderstood? Misplaced? Only external problems? Nothing wrong with the thought behind the words?

People say what they mean, then upon further review (the shit storm their words rain down on them and theirs) they say it was a simple poor choice of words. No harm; no foul? Words have meaning. Words have consequence, or at least they used to...

When the words are scripted, it means that one, or more, people had an opportunity to weigh, examine and parse potential interpretations of it all. The difference between effective words and words of effect?

I appreciate poor choices of words. My ears perk up, triggering my brain to say "Wait...What did I just hear? Did I really hear that? Did that person really just say that?" I find that illuminating. Especially when it reveals the stark-naked, bigoted, small-thinking, no thinking, cocksure knuckle-draggers behind the words. The ill-advised remark remains, intact, even if/after it's been blown out of proportion. Some words haunt longer than others. I'm not sure why. Maybe because sometimes the stench actually does wash off? Maybe sometimes the spine of the knuckle-dragger stiffens/straightens lifting their eyes to another perspective. Or maybe they just get better at choosing their words? more careful to hide their inner knuckle-dragger?; their true inner sociopathy? Who knows?

There was a time when the wrong word or phrase, in the wrong place or time, would get you killed, or at minimum, in fear for your health and well-being. There was a time when we didn't have the instant dissemination platforms, audio/video resources or all that many folks interested in outing the speakers; everywhere, all the time. That may or may not be fair. It just is.

There may come a day when we are privy to every thought and utterance. Until then we can only make what we will of the glimpses we get.

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amber ladeira said...

--Too many stupidities, too little time. But Mr. O's chances seem to improve daily, with all the GOP foot in mouth remarks, so many I can't keep up.