Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hypocrisy and Irony, Together In Perfect Harmony -OR- You Too Boys!

"Hey folks, trust me I'm a historian! This is YOUR BRAIN on our brand of politics..."

Dulcid, haunting melodies for the terminally tone-deaf, A.D.D. addled suckers referred to as the average Reproblican voter?

When Mr. Frothy Lube and Mr. Serial Adulterer are indignant that Willard's reviser-in-chief would say that Reproblican voters are easily manipulated chumps who are more than willing to disremember anything that conflicts with the latest revised talking points? When that pure hypocrisy gets dutifully glossed over by the alleged LEFT-WING National Media who report it as a legitimate opportunity for questioning Willard's conservative bona fides? When the underlying lying of the last thirty year's opportunistic parasites shilling for their Sugar Daddies conservative movement's shilling to cover up the wholesale looting, liquidation, pillaging and "creative" destruction of this country's commonweal and freedoms?

The Reproblicans have relied on the etch-a-sketch memories of their voters since 1968. Forget that Tricky Dick was a McCarthy cheerleader and serial LIAR. Accept that he was a reformed Rat-fucker who had moved beyond his criminal predilections. Cambodia and Watergate NEVER HAPPENED! Forget that St. Ronnie ran on the premise that Carter's budget and spending were OUT OF CONTROL and that he ALONE could get rid of the fat and waste! Accept that tripling the size of government and debt made Reagan a fucking saint and the greatest preznit EVAH!

To be a good reproblican you have to accept that everything that has happened since Reagan put the pedal to the metal and scrapped the brakes and safeties, has been what is GOOD. The bad is STILL because of the Dirty Fuckin' Hippies.

Shake, shake, shake.

Give me a fucking break. Will ya? We've never been TOO liberal. Everything blamed on the liberals was gutted, twisted and transmogrified long-prior to delivery. All the creamy filling sucked out and diverted to deserving loyalists, apparatchiks and the underwriters of the faux causes. Designed and operated to provide the least societal benefit for the greatest privatized profit. The shared sacrifices and lifetime patriotism of generations, pilfered by the "right" kind. The erudite class who "earned" it the old fashioned way, by buying off the referees.

When they're always so busy, eagerly pointing fingers, to distract their etch-a-sketch brained sycophants from their empty rhetoric and personal uglinesses. You do not need to believe them. Take them at their word? Yeah right.


Bustednuckles said...

It's hard to argue with an autistic microbe.

matt jacob said...

"Everything blamed on the liberals was gutted, twisted and transmogrified long-prior to delivery. "