Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Fashion Chicago Style -OR- Mrs. O'Leary's New Milk Cow

What the well appointed Cops will wear

Being a social type, I'm looking forward to May's fashion week in Chicago. It's shaping up to be THE place to be.
Historically, Chicago has a special place in American impolite society.

Clearly somebody in the city event planning division has an appreciation for non-textile fashion and geographic, historical irony. Great-grandsons and great granddaughters who've lacked an official organization on par with the DAR will, no doubt, find our fair city as welcoming today as their ancestors did.

The prevailing sentiment among rank and file patrol officers, once past the "Geez, We really don't need this shit!" groan, is an anticipation normally observed in tiny tots with their eyes all aglow. Indeed, some are finding it hard to sleep. They know that G8/NATO's on its way. Loading up with lots of toys and goodies for the fray.

Thankfully (?), there's no shortage of distractions and diversions for opposition efforts to make May a watershed month in the long slog toward progress. Still, there is a vibe brewing among the splinter groups that Chicago may once again become a unifying location of disparate grievances. Opportunity to ignore the wedges, stakes and claims and rise up together in common purpose.

Then again, it might just be much ado about nothing?

Is there a Vegas line on the outcome?

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