Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running On The Record -OR- Crawlin' From The Wreckage

Over the objections and obstructions of rabid conservatives, protectionists, projectionists, racists, strict constitutionalists, fundamentalists, elementaryists, secessionists and full-blown batshit crazy loons, it was American Socialism that dragged this country from the depths of the Great Depression, put it back to working together, secured the freedoms, propelled the American economic boom and fulfilled the "toward a more perfect union" foundations. It was American Socialism that "won the war", that united our common goals and ideals, that fully embraced the concept that we are in this together. Publish or perish.

We went on record with our beliefs that freedom and opportunity and determination of a determined nation is the most powerful force known to man. The Atomic Bomb may have shortened the war, but American Socialism WON it.

Success did not dissuade the above mentioned from their disproven beliefs. They didn't join up. They didn't unite. Throughout the war they continued their opposition. American Socialism forced them, grudgingly, to contribute to the effort and actively tempered their greed and profiteering through public humiliation and confiscatory penalties for their breaches of trust. Power they had abused was stripped from them and transferred back to the people. They were allowed to keep the bulk of their wealth, but were forced to pay fairly for their privilege.

That is our history. That is our legacy. That is what the conservative movement has co-opted and corrupted. They didn't change with the times. They didn't admit they were wrong. They looked for ways to profit. They actively recruited ambitious wannabes for the cause. While most of the country went back to work, married, had children, raised families and built communities, they remained focused and loyal to their disproven scheme and made it pay off.

Using position and power they systematically set out to rewrite history and make themselves the heroes of our story. They were roundly laughed at by anyone who remembered, but they persisted. They made little inroads. They incrementally influenced how the public was informed. They carried out acts of sabotage upon the workings of government, diverting and redirecting its attention through hyped up fear and their carefully crafted fictions. They maintained their history parallel to ours.

They built an army and over time, we forgot enough of our own history that it became blurred with the fiction. It happened incrementally. It happened while what was said and what was being done were diametrically different. It happened by using the combined efforts of all against us, for the benefit of the few. It was fueled by liquidating the shared assets of our nation. The whole time saying "Trust us, we know what we're doing. We're saving you from evil socialism."

That's the record. That's the lie. That's the ONLY truth that can salvage what was built by pure American Socialism; providing shared resources for the benefit of ALL.
All the rewriting,lying, shift, switch and shaft takings falls in the light of truth.

Their topsy-turvy revisionism can't stand up to REAL scrutiny. They had it all declared LEGAL? The CHANGED the laws? Do you really think that can stand up in a court of Law? Isn't about time we filed suit to find out?


amber ladeira said...

Yes, Watcher,
A very worthy idea, to be sure.
But mounting a large-enough
class action suit is a mammoth
effort; I fear too many are too
downhearted/defeated to join up.

What do you suggest?
Best Wishes, A.

matt jacob said...

it's not as difficult to recruit, amber, it's really get it ok'd by judges. first the law is against class action--bush world, but the problem in the legal stystem are the judges reagan/clinton/bush appointed.