Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. Strangelove Redux -OR- Drizzle, Drazzle, Drozzle, Drone, Drone, Drone...

Appealing to the repellant? The density of matter? The pitter-patter of closed minds?
The rejection election?

So far, the only trend on display in the 2012 POG Goat Rodeo is the extent to which large swaths of our democracy have failed to thrive. Has the scorched earth strategy upon which the Party of God ascended finally run out of earth? Will they ever say "Oops, Nevermind"? Oh Hell no! Drill baby drill. Dig baby dig. Hate baby HATE!

The job's not done? What job is that? What is the lofty dream of shared toil and sacrifice that's not been shot full of holes? Which lie has not been belied?

This insane dismantlement, fueled by the life savings of millions, for the short-sighted, short-term greed of a bunch of petty, jealous, vindictive sociopaths has reached its logical end. The chips are down, the cow is empty. The only remaining ready fuel are the bodies of the undeserving.

The strange thing is either the belief that this result is somehow good and natural or that a solid 17.3% of the "base" don't recognize where they are being led. They don't seem to mind that their candidates are completely devoid of workable solutions.
They've gotten exactly what they've voted for in successive elections, but somehow the ultimate goal is still out of reach?

Yeah, that's a winner!

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