Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sick? Twisted? Demented? -OR- Nah, Just Frank!

Another telltale of Opposite World would most certainly be that what is benign is framed as dangerous, and what is potentially lethal is posed as not just mostly, but completely, harmless.
War = Harmless.
Peace = Dangerous.
Music = Dangerous
Unchecked Power = Harmless
Got it? Check.

On the 8th Day of Zappadan 2011, we should ponder the difficulties faced when people are inoculated against anything containing contradiction to the message and how malleable the craftsmanship behind the message can be.

The bulk of FZ's music was conceived outside of the mainstream cauldron. It was written from a perspective that was not of the culture or even of the counter-culture. It was written for thought, not action. The most widely known FZ lyrical works happened to intersect with current or timeless events with which the listener was familiar, some reflect recurrent and even redundant mistakes to which we humans are subjected. He removed the margins and reacted to what he found. Deep shit.

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