Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Professional Left Top Ten Lies of 2010

D r i f t g l a s s& Blue Gal during their Pre-Christmas Podcast presented this list (with further elaboration). Driftglass was kind enough to put up the list as a stand-alone post.

It's such a perfect list that I won't despoil their production with further commentary at this point, but I do intend to mine this vein. Mainly because we're
stuck at these points on every debate we should be having. For 2012 and beyond, we need to end this undeserved advantage the P.O.G. has wrongly insisted is rightfully theirs.

1. It matters if you’re wrong.
Club members never have to worry about being wrong.

2. It matters if you’re right.
Non-Club members are virtually never be credited for being right. The closest we come is that sometimes -- 5 or 10 or 20 years after the fact -- convention Beltway Wisdom will slowly submit to the relentless badgering of Reality, reverse itself (while taking infinite care not to hold any of the advocates of the Old Lie account) and recongeal around the what has been the Dirty Hippie position all along. At no point will Beltway brain wizards ever admit they had been wrong all along (see lie #1.)

3. Big Media is a disinterested observer and reporter in the political process.

4. There is no governing elite.

5. The Republican Party’s priority is family values.
It's all IOKIYAR all the time when it comes to sex, power and hypocrisy.

6. Centrism!

7.Most Americans are independents.
Bullshit. Most Americans are not interested in politics at all, or are afraid to discuss it, or list themselves as "Independent" for a variety of mutually contradictory reasons ("The 'Independent' Granfalloon").

8. There is a free market.
Ha! Any pretense of a free market has been abandoned by big business who use their almost unlimited economic power to stack the government in their favor (for example, BOA President saying “we have a right to make a profit.”)

9. Voting is a privilege not a right.

10. Voting doesn't matter.
Ha! If voting didn't matter, the GOP would not be spending billions of dollars to stop you from doing it.

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