Thursday, December 29, 2011

People Helping People -OR- What I Gain From Blogging

Batocchio over at Vagabond Scholar has done it again. He's carrying on a tradition begun by Al Weisel. Al blogged under the name Jon Swift and was about the best friend a small blog could possibly have. When the big blogs and aggregators circled their wagons and tried to monetize their status, they stranded dozens of small blogs in their wake. Linking and sharing among blogs and bloggers built networks around these hubs. Jon was quick to respond denouncing the power grab and stepping up his own efforts to build on the linking and sharing community.

One of his ideas was an annual "Best Of" list submitted by the small blog authors themselves. He compiled the list, published it on his blog and encouraged others to do likewise while adding their own favorites.

When Jon passed away, his grand idea could have died with him, but didn't. Batacchio would not let that happen. He took up where Jon left off and compiled the list as a memorial to Al/Jon. I've added sidebar links to the 2007-2011 lists and encourage one and all to use them liberally. You'll find wit, charm, snark, detailed information, well-deserved smack-downs, and no shortage of fine writing among each year's participants.

Leave comments for the things you like and, if it's within your budget, help out the bloggers who've put out a tip jar. Pay it forward. Bookmark a few favorites and remember to go back. It beats the hell out of watching tv or wading the shallows of Twitter/Facebook.



amber ladeira said...

I'm sorry your friend has passed away. I'll check out
the site, sounds remarkable.

Aren't you worried about the rumble
in the Strait? I'm a bit afraid, as
the crazies on both sides are running the store....

Best, A.

Batocchio said...

Thanks for spreading the word and for participating.